Digital Marketing Workshop

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Students who complete the Introductory Digital Marketing Workshop will have a thorough awareness of the significance of digital marketing as well as the wide range of career options it offers. The program emphasizes the vital role that digital marketing plays in the success of businesses, covering its evolution and current trends. Participants will investigate a range of professions, such as PPC analyst, social media manager, content marketer, and SEO professional. The session also provides insights into freelancing and helps students identify clients and launch and grow a profitable freelance career. Students will be inspired to pursue a career in digital marketing and will acquire practical knowledge through case studies and success stories.

  • Understanding of digital marketing
  • Why you should learn digital marketing
  • Idea on market size of digital marketing and understanding the impact digital marketing can bring in your career
  • What job roles in a company can you serve after learning digital marketing
  • How does digital marketing as a profession can let you earn your dream salary from the comfort of your home
  • Why choose us as your knowledge partner for digital marketing


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