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At Creyotech, we believe in transforming businesses through innovative digital marketing strategies. Our dedicated team of experts works passionately to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth, enhance brand visibility, and foster lasting customer relationships. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, we help our clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve exceptional results. Join us on this journey to elevate your digital presence and unlock your business’s full potential.

Initiation of Creyotech Learning - How did it all started

Everything started years ago when the well-known IT business Creyotech set out on its mission. When Creyotech grew, it became clear that it needed to hire more resources, which brought to light an important problem: the applicants weren’t ready for the workforce. They were not exposed to the industry or had any practical knowledge. Consequently, in order to prepare these applicants for the industry, Creyotech’s training department had to offer on-the-job training. This encounter made clear how out of step traditional technical education is with what the economy requires. In order to close this gap, Creyotech decided to create Creyotech Learning, a specialised organisation with the goal of doing so successfully.

Creyotech Learning has been committed to providing prospective candidates with excellent IT instruction, skill development support, and career coaching at a very reasonable rate from day one! As the years went by, we continued to grow from our initial mission to become a doorway for future leaders to pursue successful careers! We invited students to accompany us as we visited many engineering institutes. There was a great response to this, and people came on board on their own to pursue successful IT careers!


Our mission is to equip individuals and organisations with cutting-edge digital skills by offering top-notch, technologically advanced courses. We work hard to deliver approachable, interesting, and useful training that encourages lifelong learning, stimulates creativity, and equips our students to succeed in the quickly changing digital environment.


Our vision is to revolutionise the way individuals study and advance in their careers by being the world’s preeminent supplier of digital education. Our goal is to establish a vibrant, diverse learning environment that develops talent, closes the digital skills gap, and influences the nature of work in the future.

Life at Creyotech Learning: A Journey of Growth and Well-being

At Creyotech Learning, our experience revolves around the expansion of professional capabilities, personal welfare, and a stimulating occupational setting. Our establishment, specializing in digital marketing and website development, transcends the notion of a mere workplace; it represents a vibrant collective of 93 individuals, each contributing distinct skills and enthusiasms. Here is an insight into the captivating life at Creyotech Learning:

A Supportive Family
Our distinction lies in fostering a tightly-knit community where every team member is esteemed and esteemed. With a workforce of 93 devoted experts, we cultivate a nurturing environment that advocates teamwork and originality. Our personnel stand as our most valuable resources, and we cultivate their aptitudes to attain mutual triumph.

Freedom to Innovate
We acknowledge the significance of independence within the professional sphere. At Creyotech Learning, micromanagement is absent. Instead, we grant our staff the liberty to operate in manners that align with their inventive processes and efficiency. This reliance empowers our team to seize opportunities, contemplate beyond conventional methods, and deliver outstanding outcomes for our clientele.

Flexible Work Arrangements
Acknowledging the diverse requirements of our staff, we present adaptable work setups, including the chance to work remotely based on client prerequisites. This adaptability aids our team in preserving a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life while fulfilling their occupational obligations. Whether stationed at home or the workplace, our staff members receive the necessary assistance and provisions to prosper.

Employee Benefits and Perks
The welfare of our team remains a paramount concern. We distribute food vouchers to ensure that our employees can relish their meals without financial strain. Our top-tier insurance schemes furnish comprehensive protection for our personnel and their families, reflecting our dedication to their well-being and health.

Flexible Timing and Work Environment
Acknowledging the importance of flexibility, we extend adaptable working hours to accommodate the schedules of our staff. This guarantees a harmonious balance between work and personal life, resulting in heightened job contentment and productivity.

Comprehensive Support During Client Assignments
For individuals embarking on client visits, we offer office lodgings and transportation, ensuring a seamless transition. This provision enables our team to concentrate on delivering superior work without logistical worries.

Opportunities for Professional Growth
We advocate for the provision of growth avenues for our staff. Client site visits constitute a customary aspect of our ethos, presenting firsthand exposure and insights into diverse industries. These opportunities enrich professional competencies and broaden comprehension of the global business arena.

A Culture of Appreciation
We are incessantly endeavoring to establish an ambiance where our staff feels acknowledged and driven. Ranging from gift certificates to various modes of acknowledgment, our evaluation system extols the accomplishments of our team members. This culture of appreciation fosters a positive and vibrant work ambience, propelling our communal achievements.

In summary, existence at Creyotech Learning is vibrant and rewarding. Our dedication to employee welfare, professional development, and a supportive habitat elevates us beyond the realm of a conventional workplace. We epitomize a thriving community where innovation and cooperation flourish. Join us at Creyotech Learning, where your career and personal advancement are our foremost concerns.

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Campus Collaboration

Empowering Students for the IT Job Market: Creyotech Learning's Comprehensive Industry-Focused Curriculum

Pre-placement courses, job oriented programmes, professional training and internships (summer and winter) are all part of Creyotech Learning’s industry-focused curriculum. Our thoughtfully crafted course modules offer in-depth analyses of cutting-edge technologies. Creyotech Learning has worked with prestigious IT organisations to provide high-quality resources and top-ranked universities to aid with training. For four years, Creyotech Learning has been empowering students. It was founded by our CEO, after master’s degree in computer science from the University of Nevada, USA. Academic credentials alone, in our opinion, are not enough to land well-paying IT employment. Therefore, in addition to solid technical knowledge, our emphasis is on teaching market awareness and practical experience. Our goal is to ensure that students are ready for the current IT employment market by providing them with the necessary training and abilities. Our goal is to provide every aspirant learner with the greatest courses possible to prepare them for the workforce, and we are always striving to achieve this mission.

Our Global Partners

Having fun in Creyotech

At Creyotech, work encompasses more than just meeting deadlines and fulfilling deliverables; it also involves elements of enjoyment, companionship, and a sense of community. The digital marketing and website development IT consulting firm thrives on the exuberance and passion of its team members, rendering it a dynamic workplace catering to major corporate clientele.

The Recreational Area: A Center of Enjoyment and Unwinding
At Creyotech, a notable feature is the recreational space known as the games room. Stocked with an array of games ranging from foosball and table tennis to board games and video games, it serves as a popular venue for staff to relax, rejuvenate, and partake in amicable competition. This vivacious area is often resounding with laughter and cheers, particularly during breaks and post-work hours.

Complimentary Provisions: Sustaining Employee Energy Levels
Another appealing benefit at Creyotech is the provision of complimentary refreshments. A variety of refreshments are available throughout the day, including freshly brewed coffee, assorted teas, nutritious snacks, and decadent delights. This modest yet meaningful gesture ensures that our workforce feels appreciated and looked after, nurturing a favorable and efficient work environment.

Commemorating Birthdays: Ensuring Each Staff Member Feels Special
Celebrations hold significance at Creyotech, with special attention given to commemorating the birthdays of all employees. Every birthday is marked with personalized elements such as cakes, decorations, and warm wishes from coworkers. These festivities not only impart a sense of importance to the individual celebrating their birthday but also foster stronger bonds among our team members.

Embracing Diverse Faiths: Recognizing Significant Ceremonies
At Creyotech, the value of respecting all religions is deeply ingrained. We pay homage to and observe important religious events, cultivating an inclusive and reverent environment. Whether it pertains to Diwali, Christmas, Eid, or any other meaningful festival, we unite to acknowledge and celebrate the varied beliefs that enrich our workplace. This practice enhances cultural awareness and reinforces our dedication to unity and reverence for all.

A Supportive Ethos: Extending Assistance akin to Family
Within Creyotech, we perceive ourselves not merely as coworkers but as a close-knit family. This sense of belonging is evident in the mutual support and aid we offer one another, be it in professional endeavors or personal matters. Whether extending a helping hand on a challenging project, providing words of encouragement, or simply being a listening ear, our team members consistently stand ready to assist each other. This supportive ethos underpins our achievements, enabling us to surmount obstacles and reach our objectives collectively.

Conclusion: A Distinct Fusion of Enjoyment, Companionship, and Mutual Aid
The enjoyment at Creyotech surpasses the confines of the games room, complimentary refreshments, and birthday festivities. It revolves around the pleasure of working in an environment where diversity is celebrated, respect is paramount, and each team member is cherished akin to family. This unique amalgamation of enjoyment, companionship, and mutual aid renders Creyotech not only an exceptional workplace but a setting where enduring memories and friendships are forged.

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